Yo, listen up, I got some knowledge to drop

Legal jargon and contracts, gonna make your jaw drop

First up, we got the definition of a partnership business in the UK

It’s all about the law, gotta know what’s up, don’t be a fluke

Next in line, minimum egress window code requirements

Gotta keep it legal, don’t wanna face consequences, that’s for sure

Check out this sample bank loan agreement, get your money secured

Partnerships need contracts, here’s what you need to know, make sure it’s unaltered

Feeling thirsty? Know the Canadian legal drinking age

Dismissed in court? Find out another word for dismissed, don’t act like a sage

Got a mean father-in-law? Legal advice is your straw

Philosopher Thomas Hobbes and his social contract theory, a concept to draw

Portion agreement in India? Check out rental agreement period so you don’t fall in a fraud

And last but not least, the directorate of legal metrology, it’s something to keep in your memory

So there you have it, a rap full of legal insight

Learn the law, get it right, don’t be a legal parasite